A professional of electrical switchgear for many years, today Norisys constructs innovative switchgear systems at the highest level and has established itself by many years of experience and high quality workmanship.

Norisys Technology Limited was founded in 1987 and is the pioneer of many novel products in India. With a unique blend of fine precision engineering, minute attention to details and beautiful aesthetics, our products surpass international standards. Constant upgrades and emphasis on research and development have been the keys to our success.  

For years, electricity has been a source of passion and inspiration for the people at Norisys. We are obsessed with the way we are able to use electricity today – safely and with style. Norisys products have constantly set new trends and defined new standards in safety. Right from the start, Norisys promised to produce the finest switchgear in the market and we leave no stone unturned to keep the promise.


So you can rest assured that Norisys products are top-of-the-line electrical switchgear. Not only do we go that vital extra mile in order to create designs for comfort and convenience, we also spend several man hours to test the products for extra reliability and predictability – the key factors to ensure satisfied customers.

Everything at Norisys comes with a seal of quality. All the products and each component thereof have to withstand numerous endurance tests – the toughest in the industry before the products leave our premises.

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